If you are reading this it is because you would like to know if our stickers are reliable.

If they have a double layer of ink to guarantee the vivid colour and if they are durable.
If the protective laminate withstands the sun and weather.
If your specialised sports equipment seems to have arrived from factory with your name painted on it.
If you will receive your stickers quickly and with complete guarantees.

At Proloook we are a team of professionals, passionate about sport. We have engineering and marketing backgrounds and have spent years helping to communicate something as technical as specialized sports equipment.

But the most important point is who you are, don’t you think so?

Proloook’s goal is to help you to continue to be you! We want you to feel even more the “Pro” when practicing your sport.

We know you train and practice hard, descending that path, achieving that figure or meeting that goal. Each of which requires time, patience and dedication.

Trust in your equipment; not only is it just a bicycle, a helmet or a board. It is not just a drone, a golf club or a racket. It is part of you, a friend who shares every minute with you. Although not verbal, it knows you, as much as you know it.

You do not use a sticker with the flag that represents you or your name for a question of ego. You do it because your sports equipment is with you every step of the way, you chose it because it was nearly the best, (only you make it the best). And it is worth sharing more than just kilometres, sweat, time and energy

It deserves your name